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Day 1 of Dominican Republic Trip Recap!

What a great privilege to use the game of basketball to share a message of hope and life to people in the Dominican. We wanted to give our guys the oportunity to give you the trip from their perspective. We wil post their comments each day of the trip.

-Enjoy! Coach Graves

It has been a great eye-opening experience already and I can only imagine what is left in store for us.

-Griffin Schamp

Sleeping in bunk-beds with Griffin Schamp so nothing has changed!

-Collin McKay

Someone please inform me how my fantasy football team is doing.

-Thanks Love Ander Galfsky

Great day of getting familiarized with the ways of the Dominican Republic. Looking forward to an awesome trip –Alex Perkins

Today I learned that stop lights do not exist outside of the united states. I am not kidding, no one stops…-last observation of Morgan Lauten

Today has been a good day of travel and basketball… and I am once again reminded how much I love America! –Austin Hancock

By observing the locals, I have learned what it is truly like to be one with your car.

-Ben Hardiman

I really shouldn’t complain about much if anything after today… took 3 hours out of the country to highlight how blessed I am.-Evan Lewis

As soon as I stopped off the plane, the crisp scent of service and fellowship filled my anxious nostrils and I knew then that it would be a great trip. – John Crain’

It is nice to be back in the D.R. and see the same places and people. We realize how blessed we are.” Conner Hayes

I learned that traffic lights and stop signs are more of a suggestion that an actual law in the Dominic Republic- Clay Smith

Being here so far has taught me how truly blessed I’ am to have a house, food, and clothes on my back- Madison Dockery

Don’t worry Matt Player, I’ll be home soon.-Brendan Marschner

I’ve learned a lot so far and am thankful for how blessed I am-Larry Thomas

I’ve learned that we should be thankful for what we have and what we are capable of getting to do. So far this has been a great experience- Kelly Assinesi

After only being here for one day, my eyes have truly been opened –Jason Holland

Having only been here a few hours and traveling into the city, the pedestrians are nuts and the driving is horrendous- Ross Welch

Wow, we really have it good at Southern. The start of an exciting trip is upon us. _- Colin Henry

Just by driving through Santa Domingo today, I feel very fortunate that I was able to grow up in a comfortable environment with a loving family. –Alex Avery

We had a great first day here in the Dominican. We can’t wait to visit the orphanage tomorrow! –Rob Daniels

Our first day down here in the DR was definitely a great day! I had a moment today where one of the players on the other team asked one of my teammates for his socks. It was a funny request but a humbling experience at the same time. Mason Holle

The first day was such an eye opening experience for myself and the other guys on the team. It really makes you appreciate what we have at home. Its great spending time with the guys and getting to really know each other outside of campus. James McLean

I believe that the first day was a great awakening to the way we live at home. We should all be truly thankful for all we have. All the people here though are so personable and talkative. – Ian Thom

After a long day of air travel, it sure was refreshing to take in several handfuls of tap water. Hasta Luego! - Coach Vines

Ricky Bobby’s mentality is in full effect on the roads here in the Dominican, “If you ain’t first you’re last!” – Coach Richards

Made it here safe Mom and Dad! Long day traveling, but I can tell this will be a benefit to our team in every way possible. –Coach Lyon

Today was quite an exciting dayI I am very glad I don't have to drive down here! I would lose my mind! But other than that we have a had a great time and did some very good things in the games. Still have alot to work on but overall a very positive performance. More pictures are coming tomorrow as we are going to the orphange to help out there and we have been asked to have lunch with the Minister of Sport of the Dominican Republic!

Coach Parrish

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