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Dominican Republic Trip Day 3 Recap

Another great day for us in the DR. We had the opportunity to go out into a village and play with the local children. As the players will tell you, it was another great experience. We also went to the local beach. It is a beautiful Caribbean beach worthy of a post card. We ended our day playing a couple more games. Our teams continued to improve and show much promise for progress towards a great season.

I have been so proud to see the compassion and character of our young men shine above all else this trip. I have been so proud of the way they have represented our program both on and off the court. Tomorrow will see a morning beach trip followed by a day of travel, so this will be our last post from the Dominican. We have taken hundreds of pictures, and we will post the good ones along with some fun videos to and our Facebook page within the week.

Thanks to BSC, all of those who sacrificed so that we could make this trip, and to the SCORE group- especially Coach Conrady, our interpeters who kept enabled our players to the now famous driver Blanco for his domination of the roadways. This has been a first class trip.

Coach G

“ Great trip with the team, awesome experience with Blanco and the culture.”

  • Collin McKay

“Had a great time down here in the DR with everyone, but ready to get back to BSC! Go Panthers!” –Griffin Schamp

“So another good day in the series, except for the sea urchins -- stay away from the coral! Forward Ever!” – Colin Henry

“It was a great weekend in a different culture. It taught us all more about what we have and how lucky we are for it.” –Brendan Marschner

“Had an amazing trip with my teammates and I am thankful for the opportunity to change some lives this weekend.” – Ander Galfsky

“The most humbling experience I’ve ever had the pleasure to be apart of. This trip truly blew my expectations out of the water. It really makes you appreciate what you have.” – Ben Hardiman

“Going to miss this place alot, enjoyed every moment being here. “Madison Dockery”

“Having the opportunity to play the game I love, put smiles on the faces of the kids we got to hangout with, and make memories with the team was truly a blessing” –Clay Smith

“This has been a great trip I will never forget. Being able to bless others with what God has blessed me with has been a humbling experience.” - Austin Hancock

“It’s been an amazing trip. Basketball has provided us with such a great opportunity to touch the lives of those less fortunate than us and realize that we are truly blessed” –Jason Holland

“So incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to use the game I love to make such a significant impact in the lives of so many young children in our short time here. Made memories that will last forever.” – John Crain

“Who knew that the final day would allow me to learn the greatest aspect of the game and life? I learned that even if I couldn’t play the game I love tomorrow or ever again, I realized that God has a plan for me and all of the children we met and that we are all people of God.” –Ian Thom

“I never really knew what it meant to be blessed to be a blessing until I came here, memories that I will carry for the rest of my life with the people I will cherish as brothers and father figures.” – Evan Lewis

“Another grand day here in Santa Domingo. This weekend has been awesome – not only from a basketball standpoint, but I think all of us have gained some knowledge of how society functions in a third-world country. Seeing some of the things we saw this weekend certainly makes us appreciate all that we have.” –Alex Avery

“We are so fortunate to be given this platform as basketball players to spread the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Although we have to leave tomorrow, I am confident that these last few days will not only impact the people we have met here, but also impact us as we return to our every day lives in the US.” –Robinson Daniels

“Today was an amazing day in the DR, we went to a near by sugarcane village where we played basketball with some young local kids. This experience just like every other experience here has been very humbling. This trip has opened my eyes even more to how lucky we are to live where we live and have the opportunities we have. This entire trip has been a spectacular experience and I am so glad I got the chance to be apart of it”! –Mason Holle

“What a blessing this trip has been. The Dominican Republic has been awesome to our team the trips we made to the orphanage and the village today have been such humbling experiences. The chance we’ve been given to give back to the kids and the people of the Dominican Republic have been great and hopefully I will be able to come back and hangout with those we’ve met again”. –James McLean

This trip has been life changing, seeing how people around the world live so differently. I loved going to the village today and playing with the kids. They had very little yet always had a smile on their face. The other aspect of the visit I enjoyed was the basketball. We played in a great atmosphere on Friday night which was fun. The game is athletic and it was interesting to see the difference in playing styles. Overall, I learned a lot on the trip and will forever carry the memories with me. –Ross Welch

Today was another good day in the Dominican Republic. This experience was just as amazing as the other ones. It has taught me about life and how everyone else does not live the way we do. Larry Thomas

It is such a blessing to be back in the D.R. The experience was just like last time- full of amazing people and memories. It saddens me to leave and I hope I can come back someday and be blessed again. The best parts of the trip for me are playing basketball with the children and going to the girl’s orphanage. –Conner Hayes

Why cant the U.S. adopt the traffic system of the D.R.? If they did, I think Ricky Bobby would look more like a hero because here they put real use of the saying, “if you aren’t first your last.’’ –Sky

“This weekend has been more of a blessing to me than I could have ever imagined. Getting to use the platform we have been blessed with to bless others and spread the name of Jesus was amazing. I grew as a man, and I enjoyed seeing my teammates and coaches grow as well. I will never forget these experiences for the rest of my life –Alex Perkins

“It has been an inspirational and informative past few days, and its amazing how much I have learned in such a short time. I am grateful to the coaches and Score for making this trip possible. Today we drove to a village and simply started playing on one of the courts. We had thirty plus basketballs and some candy and within minutes, all the children in the village had flocked around us. Its amazing how much joy a couple inflated balls can bring”-Morgan Lauten

Today was another indescribable day filled with unfathomable blessings and lessons. It was amazing to watch God at work in everyone’s lives. My words again cannot do these experiences justice. So, if you are interested in knowing more about them, please get in contact with me and I’ll do my best to translate. In Jamey Johnson’s words, “You shoulda seen it in color.” – Zac Richards

Another special day in the Dominican Republic. Our team is growing in every way, and I am thankful to be a part of it. My words fail to illustrate the depth of our host group’s commitment to love the people of the DR, and that love has spread to our team even during our short time here.- Jacob Lyon

This trip has been an absolute blessing in so many ways! The work that Score International does (group that is hosting us) is not only wonderful but have an obvious impact on everyone they come in contact with down here. They are doing so many great things that range from orphanages to women centers to speaking at sporting events spreading God’s word! I want to thank everyone personally for the experience, as I know I will never forget it. I was also able to see just how blessed we are to live where we live and have the opportunities that we are provided with. Finally, I think this was an unbelievable opportunity for team to grow as a unit and come closer together as a family. I’m sad that we were unable to stay longer and do more but I am excited to be heading home and hopefully be able to have the opportunity to come back or go somewhere else to serve others very soon! Buenos Noches Panther Nation! –Coach Parrish

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